3 Essential Elements of a Great Home Decor

Dressing up your home can be a great way to make it more than just your living quarters. It can transform your home into a heavenly abode that reflects your personality and style.

But picking the perfect home decor can be overwhelming especially because of the boundless options you have. Are you a sassy, city girl who loves anything shiny and striking, a glass of wine and a blast of colors on your walls? Or, perhaps you call yourself a minimalist bachelor but cowboy and rustic also meet your fancy? Can’t decide between classic and contemporary?

Well, here are the first things to consider when selecting a home décor.


As visual beings, what probably strikes us first is color. The play of colors at your home can bring about a certain feeling and even reveal your personality. Bright catchy colors showcase boldness, while warm sunny colors communicate cheeriness. Earthy colors tend to display subtlety and gentleness. But the best thing with colors is you can play with different shades and hues to get just the right combination for the look you want.


The material of your home decor speaks volumes of its beauty and uniqueness. A contemporary mosaic artwork in your living room or mosaic backsplash in the kitchen, for instance, can be an eye-catching decor because of the intricacy, workmanship, and beauty. Pick the right material whether it’s wood, tiles, metal, fabric, recycled glass, and plastic; but remember that what matters the most is that the material is attractive, durable and matches the overall look of your home.


Pick a home decor based on the theme of your home to achieve a unified, cohesive and streamlined look. Your home decor should have certain things in common so they contribute to the theme and collectively. Each item should generate a certain feeling or vibe, whether it’s a piece of handcrafted woodwork, decorative lighting or mosaic art strategically placed around your home.

Let’s bring out the inner creative in each one of us and explore what home decors “belong” in our homes to make our abode a truly wonderful place to live in.

Let us know what you think in the comment section below. We’d love to hear your views, ideas, and experiences.

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