3 Interior design trends we said “Bye Sister” to in 2020

When you think about it, the definition of a trend is sort of abstract, because how can you really define something that is constantly changing and evolving? I guess that really is the definition. Trend is something that is hip and popular at a certain point in time. However, the trend is not to be mistaken for progress, because if something is “trending” doesn’t necessarily mean that it is good. Because tends are everywhere, from memes to interior design, we are all destined to fall prey to at least one useless trend each month. Trust me. I still have a drawer full of florescent scrunchies and Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards. Trends come and go, and some of them are more than happy to say bye sorry-not-sorry to. *insert a quiet sob for my long-lost slap-bracelets collection.

Mixed trends in one living room. | Photo by David A. Land, Styled by Elizabeth Demos.

So why am I ranting about this you wonder? You guyssss, the spring is almost here and we’ll have to repaint the walls, replace our monochromatic curtains and carpets and kick minimalism in the…Behind? It is due time to say bye to minimalism. Because in 2020 boys, girls and non-binary friends, more is more! Uh huh. My gurl Lizzo said it, and interior designers listened.

Classic is always trendy.

Don’t freak out my dear Feng Shui preachers and Carl Andre followers. I’m just joking. Everyone will still be able to do their thing in 2020, in terms of comfort, but some “extra” stuff just got stuck in 2019. So, let’s rant and gloat together….

1. White Kitchens

You know that old Billy Idol bop “It’s a nice day to paint your white kitchen…” or something like that? Well, it’s a true story, because all of those sleek white kitchens that you have to scrub till you start trippin’ dragons are now officially out of fashion. We can now all collectively say: “Pshish!” In 2020 kitchen interiors will be all about colored cabinets, patterned flooring, stone counters, and mosaic art backsplashes. Practicality at its best!

Gorgeous Mosaic Art kitchen backsplash.
kitchen mosaic backsplash.

2. The Faux Look

Yup, you can say goodbye to your fav photo-wallpapers and that plastic bush of hostas in the hallway. 2020 will be bursting with authenticity and Wabi-sabi ideology. Imperfections aren’t really imperfections if we don’t treat them as such, so there will be no place for “perfect” mass production objects anywhere in your home. So instead of some fancy wallpapers think murals, graffiti or mosaic art; instead of some fake greenery that think luscious hostas, Peace lilies, and fern. It’s simple really, just think life and you can’t go wrong with interior design in 2020.

Real greenery and real wool will make any space look livelier.
Gorgeous graffiti on the living room wall. | Source of photograph Wall Sauce.

3. Singularity

Singular design schemes are done. This year people will try to express themselves and put a focus on their individuality, and that will reflect inside of their home interiors as well. Singular design schemes and projects already started collecting cobwebs, as renowned designers from all over the world are starting to use terms like “warmth” and “vintage” more and more. I dunno about you, but in my book, that means to relax and have fun. That might not be a trend per se, but it sure sounds like one awesome idea.

Avoiding singularity with personalization | Photo by Andrew Beasley.

All in all, it seems that this year will be all about freedom and being genuine, which is a pretty good deal. And even if 2020 turns out to have some trends you don’t like, just don’t do them! If you feel the sudden urge to succumb to some godawful trend and paint your bedroom brown, just remember what your favorite slightly-neurotic gf-blogger said. It is your home and you are in charge.

Avoiding singularity with bold colors and comfort | Design by Heidi Pribell Interior Design.

PS. Most importantly, now that the renovation season is upon us, don’t forget to have fun, because that’s what interior design is supposed to be — fun.

Colorful and fun living room | Source of photograph Decorola.

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