Celebrating Women’s Month With 6 Female Mosaic Artists You Should Definitely Know About

Mosaic art is a gorgeous segment of the art world, with its textured beauty, historical significance and potential for both skilled realism and moody abstraction. However, the art field is renowned for being vastly male-dominated; making women’s voices, creativity and inspiration less heard of and celebrated throughout history. To celebrate International Women’s day, here are 6 amazing female Mosaicists that are behind some of the most marvelous mosaic artwork that you should know about.

1. Nathalie Vin

Nathalie Vin uses mixed media, mosaic and intricate sculpture to create contemporary insights into a puzzle-like world. Vin has been showcased at the Medici Museum in Florence, Musée des Beaux-Arts in France and the Museum of Glass in America. She also attained a ‘special distinction’ in 2014. Her successes are not limited to her awards, but the gorgeously intricate and thoughtful placement that goes into her surreal and gorgeously fresh works.

2. Mia Tavonnati

Tavonnati has dedicated her lifelong craft to a stunning fusion of realism and surrealism locked in tile. With running themes of faith, underwater mysticism, the human form, and connection; Tavonnati captures a soulfully traditional yet endearingly contemporary aesthetic in her mosaic artwork.

3. Julie Sperling

Julie, a Canadian mosaic artist, continues to turn heads with her environmentally conscious and politically laced stonework. Natural motifs such as shells and organic color combine in Sperling’s approach to modern mosaic, celebrating the beauty of the earth that so ardently needs protecting and winning her placements at many Toronto based and international exhibitions.

4. Sonia King

King attained the momentous achievement of being the first artist to gain a permanent feature at the collection of contemporary mosaic artwork at the ‘Museo della Citta di Ravenna’. Presenting mosaic artwork that was utterly unlike anything the world has seen before in the mosaic field.

5. Nermine Elmasry

The stunningly earthy, swirling compositions that Elmasry achieves with her Mosaic Murals are a testament to her earning the Technical Distinction Award 2015. Organic flows of sandy stone mirror the intense power of nature, reminiscent of a great storm while remaining captivatingly ambiguous.

6. Emma Biggs

Biggs is a London based lecturer and mosaic artist, along with a founder of the famous Mosaic Workshop in London. Her culturally centered works act as a commentary upon modern life and heritage. Her recent Mosaic Mural ‘Made in England’ is an insight into the ideology of handmade industry; such as ceramics and pottery in Stoke on Trent.

Women’s voices, innovation, and talent in the art field are important to be celebrated and recognized as we move towards an equal society. In light of International Women’s Day, spare a thought for the female creatives fighting the stigma as they navigate the art world. Girl Power!

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Originally published at www.mosaicslab.com on March 13, 2019.

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