Christmas is coming with all of its delights and promos — and Mosaics Lab is joining the fun!

Ah the spirit of Christmas! Can you feel it? The smell of eggnogs and gingerbreads, the warmth of the wool socks with reindeers on them, the joy of the family getting together to celebrate the most important moment in Christian history. Or are you the Scrooge of your family, going around telling everyone that the whole thing is a farce and yapping about the consumerism of it all, huh? Naaah. I don’t think you are. I’ve never met a mosaic art buff whose heart wouldn’t beat faster when the topic of Christmas with all of its lovely decorations was mentioned.

Gorgeously decorated living room. Source The Sunny Side Up

You see, all of us in this colorful corner of the internet (and what a well-designed corner it is) have one thing in common: we are all crazy about the décor. All we need to get us riled up and start planning is an excuse, and Christmas is a mighty good one if you ask me! So, let’s chat about the two most commonly used approaches when it comes to Christmas decorations and how you can add a twist and make them look original and refreshing.

Lively Christmas décor. Source Pinterest.

Themed Christmas

This one is being used more and more in recent years. It is usually focused on the usage of the main colors, so for example, all of your ornaments and décor are gold and green with splashes of red here and there. This particular way of decorating is very attractive to the eye and it creates a cozy and tasteful effect. However, it’s being so overused in recent years that it starts looking boring after a week or so.

Golden and green with splashes of red. Image source Pinterest.

To avoid that, you can pick a different theme to roll with. Go for a snowy room and choose your décor so that your interior looks as if it snowed on the inside. Add as much white as you can, stick some huge snowflakes on your windows and walls, decorate your kid’s snow sleds with mistletoe and use them as a gift storage space under the Christmas tree. The possibilities are endless, just let your imagination roam.

Snowy room effect. Image source The Wonder Forest.

Crazy Christmas

Ahhh, this one’s mine. You know when you want your Christmas décor to mirror your inner state during the holidays? That’s why crazy Christmas décor is my spirit animal. The trick is to go all out (*draws in a deep breath): the most enormous Christmas tree you can find, glass ball ornaments in all colors of the rainbow, shaped glass ornaments in all colors of the rainbow, DIY holiday ornaments in all colors of the rainbow (okay, I’ll stop mentioning the rainbow), bunch of tinsel and garland, a variety of colorful Christmas lights, the biggest tree toppers you can find, lush holiday wreaths, and last but not least shiny and vibrant table decorations (*breathes out looking all purply in the face). It may sound like a tasteless mess, but trust me, it won’t be. It will just look like your interior has a special kinda drunken cheer to it. You know, like it had too much eggnog with extra bourbon in it.

Don’t be scared to go crazy. Image source Pinterest.
Throw all of the colors in, your tree can handle it and look fabulous. Image source Pinterest.

So, get ready. I’m going to scare a bunch of you now. Did you know that today is the 8th of December and you STILL haven’t bought all of the Christmas presents? Uh, huh. Luckily for you, we’ve got your back. This year we have a special Christmas promo with discount prices on all of our fabulous mosaic art. Here are a few to help you choose the perfect present and make your loved ones feel classy and delighted.

Van Gogh’s Outdoor Caffe depicted with this glorious mosaic done by one of our best artists Angelo Fabbri is sure to amaze and inspire any of your loved ones. Handmade Mosaic Design — Copyright © Mosaics Lab.
This marvelous composition of golden flowers and red birds created by one of our top mosaicists Sophie Laroche will bring passion and warmth into any interior. Mosaic Artwork — Copyright © Mosaics Lab.
This monochromatic wonder made by one of our own amazing artists, Haith Dani, will work perfectly as a gift for your romantic partner. The discreet seduction it depicts will tell them exactly how you feel. Mosaic Mural — Copyright © Mosaics Lab.
This wonderful piece created by the terrific Mo Rameez is both gentile and powerful in its beauty. It will speak of devotion and love to whomever you choose to gift it. Mural Mosaic Art — Copyright © Mosaics Lab.

We have prepared a variety of exclusive Christmas deals, including our site wide 15% promotion on all of our marvelous mosaic masterpieces. On top of that, we will donate $10 for every $100 gift card purchase to a charity of your choice. Give your loved one a special mosaic gift that will last a lifetime while making the world a better place. Check out our colorful gift card collection HERE.

If you are still not sure what to choose or you have something specific in mind, we are delighted to tell you that our 15% LESS promotion also applies to our customization mosaics. We would be thrilled to customize any photograph, painting, or design you might want to save and cherish as a mosaic art piece at 15% Less. . Chat us up live at or reach us at [email protected] and we will discuss and brainstorm some new mosaic ideas together!

That would be it for this post folks. Decorate nonchalantly, choose your Christmas gifts wisely, and wish you and the loved ones a very happy Christmas Holiday.

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We handcraft top-quality, unique and customizable mosaics for any surface and space. IG/FB: @MosaicsLab |

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