Design Ideas to Perk Up Your Space Ahead of The Holidays

It is that time of the year again! With winter already here, we are all getting more and more excited for the holiday season. While some might be working on their Christmas shopping list, we thought it would be a good idea to offer you a few ideas that would help you make your place more lively and cheerful ahead of the holidays. Starting from adding a charming mosaic artwork to just moving your furniture around, here are some simple ideas to perk up your place.

1. Find happiness in colors

There is nothing making us more cheerful and happy then having some pretty lively colors surrounding us while we are working on our next big project or simply enjoying our cup of tea in front of the TV. And for this, you do not need to make a big commitment like painting your walls. Brighten up your endless imagination and come up with ideas like adding a simple colorful stand for your journals or maybe a couple of colored chairs.

2. Move what you have

Try moving your furniture around! It will not cost you anything, except some fun times trying a bunch of new options to place your sofa in a room. In the end, your place will have an all new fresh look.

3. Give your sofa a little something

Your sofa will have a new refreshing feel if you simply get a new beautiful cover or just throw a couple of colorful pillows on it. New look and new feel of the place is guaranteed.

4. Bring your walls to life

What could be more eye-catching, fun and creative if not a big wall art? And here is where tile mosaic design comes to rescue. If you think big pictures are mainstream, try to add a piece of customized contemporary mosaic art. It will totally transform your place.

5. Treat your floor

If you do not already have a rug, try to get one. It will surely make your place more complete. Mix it with your home’s style and get that special look you always wanted.

6. Time to photography

If you do not already have your greatest memories on your wall, this could be the rightest time to treat your place with awesome photos. If you already have those, you can go ahead and update the wall with the new ones. This way, both you and your home can stay up to date.

7. Get unique with your hobby

Here is a small confession — we all love to collect unique stuff. Some might go with coins from all the places they went, other may collect all kinds of beautifully shaped rocks. Whatever your collection is, you can have it on a stand which will motivate your guests to make their special contribution to your collection.

8. Go green

Add a touch of energy to your place by getting a plant. Apart from adding some beauty, it will make your space a lot more cheerful and lively.

Always use your creativity and imagination to the fullest. Set it free and come up with the best ideas that match your personality, make you better enjoy your place and most importantly woo your holiday guests.

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Originally published at on November 14, 2018.

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