Designing a perfectly balanced master bedroom interiors

I recently ran into an article on “how to design your teenager’s bedroom” while scrolling through some interior design blogs. Needless to say, I was like…wth?! What puberty-stricken, Tay-Tay-listening, Tik-Tok-making teenager would allow you to just DESIGN their bedroom the way you think fit? Let me answer that for you — nope! I know that is not a grammatically correct answer to your question, but it’s the only right answer — nope. But that got me thinking…

Most teenagers are extremely territorial and over-the-top with expressing their personalities whether they are extroverts or introverts, so they should have the main say in making their rooms their own. On the other hand, their moms and dads are pretty easy, so most master bedrooms usually end up looking either too bland or too one-sided in terms of their interior decoration and style. So how to make a perfectly balanced master bedroom gender-vise without making it look “meh”? Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you achieve that in no time!

1. Start with the basics

Buy DIFFERENT nightstands. Sure, we all love our souses, but we are not joined at the hip, nor are we the same person as them. Nightstands are somewhat essential when it comes to master bedrooms, but they don’t have to be cookie cutters. The one on her side can be pink and the one on his can be green, or the one on his side can be oval while the one on hers is square. Srsly tho, just make the difference. It will look charming and refreshing.

2. Inconsistency killed a few cats too

Now I don’t mean being consistent in terms of being repetitive, so don’t go all gray and beige on me. What I mean is that in this case, that four-color rule comes in handy. It’s best to go with the opposites, so you can go for brown, dark blue, pink and orange for example. Sticking to a four-color palette of opposites will do miracles for making your bedroom look more interesting, without making it tacky.

3. Clean and simple

Especially clean! And when I say “simple”, I don’t mean hermit-cell-simple. I mean, don’t display too many things. It is both yours and your partner’s bedroom, and although it can’t fully display both of your personalities to their fullest, it most certainly shouldn’t display just yours either. Meaning, don’t be a self-centered egomaniac.

4. Play with textures

From rough to sleek, go for extreme opposites when it comes to textures because that will create another layer of that seamless variety you are going for. For example, go for silk curtains and sturdy wool carpet.

5. Art should be unifying

Here I would wholeheartedly recommend going for a colorful wall mosaic art. Actually, scratch that — I do wholeheartedly recommend going for a colorful wall mosaic art. Mosaic art is the symbol of both individuality and inclusivity, so it will go perfectly on your main bedroom wall.

Next week we will try to tackle that teenage bedroom decoration phenomenon and in the meantime, I’ll be doing some extensive research. You don’t want to mess with puberty fits unprepared. Fingers crossed!

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