Five Major Advantages Of Using Glass Mosaic Tiles For Your Bathroom

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4 min readAug 27, 2023

For most people, the bathroom is a quiet sanctuary. It’s where we find a chunk of peace after a long day at work, it’s where we recuperate after a horrible date, and it’s where we escape from our demanding kids. Whether with a quick refreshing shower, a long relaxing bath, or an energizing nightly skin routine, we all use our bathrooms to reboot ourselves.

The sheer perfection of design and quality.

Keeping all that in mind, it is no wonder we always strive to make our bathrooms look better and feel safer at all times. From fluffy bath mats and handle sponges, to grab bars and elevated toilet seats, we seem to be constantly thinking of new things to improve our bathrooms. One thing that has been making bathrooms better for thousands of years is glass mosaic tiles. Here are some of the major reasons why glass mosaic tiles are exactly what your bathroom needs.

Stunningly beautiful neutral color tile design. Bathroom Mosaic Backsplash by Mosaics Lab.


The most obvious advantage of glass mosaic tiles is their extensive range of colors. From dusky and matte to enchantingly shiny and translucent, glass mosaic tiles come in a large variety of shades and finishes, which makes them unmatched in terms of aesthetics. Because of their versatility glass mosaic tiles are perfect for any type of customization, so your bathroom can look more personal than ever.

Breathtaking glass mosaic design. Bathroom Mosaic Design by Mosaics Lab.
Gorgeous floral design. Image source: Link


Unlike regular-size tiles, glass mosaic tiles can be applied to surfaces of all shapes and sizes without having to be cut or broken. This allows easy coverage of critical areas and hollows that are otherwise difficult to cover. There is not a single material that will allow you simpler, problem-free coverage of dipped and rounded surfaces than glass mosaic tiles.

Simple and elegant pink glass mosaic tiles. Image source: Link
Simple, high-impact mosaic tile design. Image source: Link


One of the best characteristics of glass mosaic tiles is their ability to create a non-skid walking surface. Glass mosaic tile installation is done with much more grout than with regular tiles. That additional grout becomes great slip protection once it’s dry. Furthermore, you can also opt to have a textured glass mosaic which will make your floors even less slippery.

Stunning and non-slippery. Image source: Link
Glass mosaic tiles look amazing on both floors and walls. Image source: Link


Glass mosaic tiles used for bathrooms are 100% glass which means that their water absorption is almost zero. In the renowned UNE EN ISO 10545–3 water absorption test, glass mosaic tiles have a result of 0.1%. That makes them unbeatable as a practical solution for successfully coating wet areas.

Lovely backsplash and floor mosaic design. Image source: Link
Simple yet fabulous wall mosaic design. Glass Mosaic Backsplash by Mosaics Lab.


Glass mosaic tiles are fundamentally eco-friendly, as 100% of the glass that gets used is recycled glass. Once you’ve installed glass mosaic tiles in your bathroom you can be certain you’ve invested in once fully sustainable, environmentally friendly solution.

A shiny mosaic design for a chic bathroom. Bathroom Mosaic Mural by Mosaics Lab.
Charming glass mosaic wall design. Bathroom Mosaic Design by Mosaics Lab.

If you are about to remodel your bathroom and you are having second thoughts about the tiles, look no further. Glass mosaic tiles are the way to go.

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