Hi Dani,

Thank you so much for this great post, really appreciate how you’re helping. Our business account got disabled more than a month ago for no known reason. The prompt says that we violated Instagram terms but we haven’t done anything wrong and we maintain a very healthy and engaged community of 30k followers. We never used bots, never spammed and never posted anything other than interior design related content. This is so heartbreaking, the team worked so hard over years with very well thought of strategy to make the IG page the success that it was and now it is gone! We’ve tried everything, filed countless appeals, messaged IG on Facebook, nothing worked. Any tips or insights on how to get the account back would be highly appreciated. Thank you so much.

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We handcraft top-quality, unique and customizable mosaics for any surface and space. IG/FB: @MosaicsLab | Mosaicslab.com

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