How Mosaics Transform Exterior Spaces

by Dorian Richard

Due to their weather-resistant nature mosaics are an ideal option to add color and magic to any outdoor settings. So let’s explore some of these options, starting with the front of the house.


Start by asking yourself what you would like your visitors to experience when walking up to your front door. Certainly, there are better options than a concrete porch or patio and bare walls. How about meeting them with a mosaic instead? Placed next to or above your front door it is sure to make an impression! What kind of impression depends on the theme.

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(Mosaic Artwork was provided by Mosaics Lab)

Selecting a highly classical motif evokes the splendors of ancient villas and will make your guests feel like they traveled back in time. A tumbled finish achieved by mixing the tiles with sand and grit will enhance the distinguished “antique” look. This effect can be particularly stunning if incorporated in a contemporary facade.

A playful theme will cheer up your guests as you invite them in. You can enhance the whimsical look with a “crazy cut” achieved by placing the rough (cut) edge of the tile piece upwards instead of on the side which gives the mosaic a three-dimensional look and feel.

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(Mosaic Art in the photograph was provided by Mosaics Lab)

An adventurous theme will provide an energetic welcome to your guests. Answering the door in a pirate outfit may be slightly overdoing it though.

There are of course many other themes to choose from ranging from urban to exotic. Whichever one you choose will immediately set the mood…and the discussion topics with your guests.


From serene retreat to “adventure zone”, a mosaic can enhance a courtyard’s feel.

Here the mosaic adds a dramatic focal point to an unadorned space by carrying the surrounding colors into the scene and bringing the wall to life.

A floral patterned mosaic art was used to extend the garden into the patio space. The abstract geometrical pattern introduces a more formal element to the surrounding vegetation.

Don’t forget that for functional exterior spaces like outdoor kitchen and fireplaces, mosaic art are as striking as a decorative element as their indoor counterparts.


Mosaics can add life to the bottom of a fountain or theme to its backdrop.


Just like for patios, mosaics can add flavor to a bland cement floor. Place the mosaic near the pool and it will be reflected in the water, tying the two spaces together. Place it at the bottom of the pool and you’ll be swimming with dolphins, mermaids or if you’re more daring, giant Kraken.

We hope this gave you some initial ideas on how to add magic and a personal touch to your home. In our next blog, we’ll be covering ideas for more formal environments like offices and retail spaces.

Meanwhile feel free to add your own ideas and suggestions below or contact us if you have any questions.

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