How to Choose colors that resonate with your personality to liven up your house?

Every single molecule of your house exclaims your personality. Whether you are full of optimistic energy or have a sensitive artistic side, your home décor says it all. From the basic curtain selection to the beautiful decorative mosaic artwork, every element of your house becomes an expression of your true self.

Discover your color personality with us in order to choose the best colors to liven up the walls of your house. We will take you on a journey of self-discovery while letting your artistic instincts guide you.

Light And Warm

If you want your house to be full of life, light and positive energy, then light and warm colors are perfect for you. Choose warm, clear and bright colors to invigorate the space of your house. This kind of colors openly state and broadcast a welcoming gesture to everyone, and the modern color palette keeps everything fresh, organic and on trend.

Mosaic Artwork provided by Mosaics Lab

Dark And Reserved

If you love muted, subtle and dark colors, then your house should represent that with the help of a dark yet elegant color palette.

This color palette exhibits a romantic and reserved lifestyle. It shouts “bold” and depicts an adventurous yet robust lifestyle. The furniture also blends in perfectly with the symmetric tone of the colors, and a little touch of graceful mosaic patterns helps keep everything looks inspired and exotic.

Dramatic And Confident

This color palette is the soulmate for the dramatic, confident, and self-assured personalities. Let a sharp, cool, and striking color palette revitalize every inch of your house, and it will boldly capture your true essence.

These colors go hand in hand with a strong and robust design and structure. Organically install light textured furniture and mosaics tiles and your house will speak your language in terms of interior design.

Earthy Color Scheme

Modern-day aesthetics require an enchanting centerpiece to bind the room together. Artists, designers, and people with great fashion sense are opting to use mosaic artwork installations to draw the eye to the center. The surrounding color scheme and palette should support the underlying color scheme of the mosaic installation.

Homeowners who cannot decide on a distinctive color palette can easily use mosaic installations to draw inspiration for their overall color palette. The mosaic will not only serve as the centerpiece for the room, but it will also help with the perfect colors for the house.

The color palette you choose for your house should resonate harmoniously with your true soul. Let the instincts and our color theory drive you towards your natural color personality, and let your house become a part of you with the help of perfect colors.

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Originally published at on January 30, 2019.

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