Inspiring Simplicity: How to Decorate a Minimalist Home

Less is definitely more. For a minimalist lifestyle, at least.

Imagine stepping into a home with large bare walls, plenty empty spaces, a carefully handpicked decor in one corner and, perhaps, windows that open to serene lake views?

We bet you don’t mind walking barefoot inside your home all day and you’d love to just sit, and enjoy a drink and your little moment of peace.

But how do you actually decorate a minimalist home? Our tips:

Think Subtle

Subscribe to subtlety — bare walls, decors in muted and plain textures and items in the same color palette. With the right choices, you’ll be surprised with the drama and sophistication plainness and simplicity create.

Pick a Focal Point

A focal décor to grace a room is one minimalist home element not to forget. It is the one focal point in your house that catches attention, that your guests can easily see as they enter the living room or bathroom.

A great focal décor is an excellent conversation starter as well, so we suggest that you have plenty of drinks prepared for your curious guests. With beautifully crafted decors such as mosaic artworks, the conversation about the art piece will surely last longer.

Aesthetics + Utility

Finally, remember that having a minimalist home doesn’t mean giving up all other essentials that no longer fit. Random knick-knacks that need to make an appearance in your pristine space can go into hiding temporarily in closets, beds and even chairs and boxes with extra storage. And then like magic, you should be able to summon them in times of need.

Decorating a minimalist home shouldn’t be overwhelming. Always start with the core idea of less is more. Less is beautiful. And then elevate your space with a with one focal décor that inspires, attracts attention and, perhaps, boggles the mind?

Now that you know what it takes to decorate a minimalist home, we’d love to hear your views, ideas, and experiences in the comment section below.

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