Karl Lagerfeld Has Left The Scene

(4 min read) We’ve all witnessed several high fashion brands entering the ever-evolving interior design industry in the past couple of years. To tell you the truth, I always felt like most of them were successful in the interior design field simply because they were well-known high-fashion brands. Let’s all remember those Gucci décor atrocities from back in the day…Actually, let’s not. Let’s think about Fendi’s interior design moments because those are actually pleasant to think about. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that a lot of established brands dabbled in interior design, but my most favorite by far was Karl Lagerfeld.

Karl Lagerfeld left a great and distinctive mark in the interior design field. His collaboration with Capital Developments and Freed Developments birthed a completely new approach to sleek and minimal spaces. Lagerfeld designed two marvelous lobbies in the Art Shoppe Lofts + Condos in Toronto. The lobbies feature a lot of glass, silver, grey and white colors, mirrors and…no carpet. Lagerfeld opted for some gorgeous mosaic floors instead of going with carpets or luxury hardwood, and needless to say, the effect is otherworldly. However, what really makes the space stand out are books. They added the needed warmth to the space and created a meaningful contrast, which ultimately made them a valuable fashion statement.

Just last year, this great man whose sunglasses game was always on fleek, created an amazing line of breath-taking marble furniture. All of the pieces were made from Black Nero Marquina and Arabescato Fantastico, two of the rarest marbles in the world (eat that Gucci). Lagerfeld wasn’t vain enough to think that he could do it all by himself, like so many before him. He teamed up with architect and interior designer Aline Asmat d’Aman. Aman is well known in the design community, as he stands behind the design studio Culture in Architecture, so it is no surprise that Lagerfeld opted to work with him. Lagerfeld was deeply inspired by the ancient Greek architecture and the clean and perfect ratio. The furnishing line includes fountains, lamps, mirrors and more, and with all of these pieces, Lagerfeld managed to celebrate the mix of classic and contemporary.

However, the reason why I love Karl Lagerfeld so much isn’t only his sense of timeless fashion, or charisma, or strong gloves and sunglasses game. All of the said things were undoubtedly Lagerfeld’s stamp that differentiated him from the rest of us mere mortals, but what made him huge in my eyes were his books. Carl Lagerfeld’s books were an integral part of both his persona and his interior design. He owned approximately 300,000 books that were shared between several of his homes. His books were stacked horizontally instead of vertically, adorning the walls of his respective homes. His collection includes books in English, French, and German. Lagerfeld’s favorite writers were Nietzsche, Homer, Didion, and Borges. He will also be remembered by stating that Spinoza was “the person who wrote the phrase that I live by: “Any decision is a refusal.

In case you haven’t figured out the moral of this story, I will tell you and you can spread the word. Anything you are truly passionate about can be your interior design solution. Who cares what people think? It’s your living space, and you should make it count. Blindly following trends won’t make you happy, but adding a personal touch to your space might.

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