Mosaic Art in the Kitchen, turning walls into art

Examples of stunning kitchen mosaic art

Most people agree that the kitchen is the heart of the home — it is a place where food is lovingly made, so it is often associated with warmth, comfort, and affection. It is no wonder that families make it a welcoming space by beautiful decorations like murals and mosaic art. Here are some great examples of stunning kitchen mosaics art.

This Marble Mosaic Art by Mikal Otten makes use of patterns to make an intrinsic design. It brings out the beauty of the countertops and white kitchen cabinets.

This beautiful creeping vines by Alex Steshak provides a lovely contrast to the plain walls and also serve as a kitchen mosaic backsplash for the stove top.

This Mediterranean tile backsplash by Alpenstrasse makes use of blues and yellows to evoke a feeling of calm seas over a setting sun.

Rogers and Goffigon handcrafted this stylish tile mosaic design for New Ravenna transforming the kitchen space into something unique and extraordinary.

Get inspired by this water lily design from Visual Arts Nova Scotia. Made from vitreous glass and gold smalti, it takes advantage of open spaces and transforms it into a work of art with tile mosaic design.

LeAnn Christian made this stunning kitchen mosaic backsplash with matching stained glass cabinet doors. The wonderful play of colors complement the kitchen cabinets beautifully.

A great way to transform a kitchen! This kitchen backsplash design by LimegreenUltramarine brings art and mosaics together in a stunning way.

Wet Dog Tiles specializes in enhancing the beauty of countertops and cabinetry with the use of beautiful and unique tiles. This stunning kitchen mosaic artwork reminds us of beachscapes and endless possibilities.

Who says only backsplashes are the only areas you can deck out in mosaics? This sunset design by Lily Russo is made from a combination of glass, crystals, tiles, and stone.

This very distinctive mural backsplash was custom hand cut by Vita Nova Mosaics Inc. Its rich colors come from a blend of glass and stone tiles.

In most homes, families eat right at the kitchen nook instead of in the dining room which is reserved for more formal affairs. So it is only natural that it becomes a canvas for beautiful designs.

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Originally published at on November 6, 2018.

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