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Unlike walls, floors tend to get overlooked and they are often the last thing inexperienced would-be homeowners think about. Many will just gloss over the floors, as they’ve already decided to cover the majority of them with this or that fluffy rug or intricate kilim. However, floors can be masterpieces in their own right and if you make your floor into masterpieces, you will elevate the appearance of your whole home.

Chic and vibrant, full mosaic floor. Floor Mosaic by Sicis. Image source: Link

We are well aware that laminate and wood floorings are popular for a good reason. Laminated floors are cheap and easy to install, but they are also highly expandable and prone to easy damage. Wood flooring is appealing, but it requires a ton of maintenance and it gets really boring to look at after a while. Both of these have been around for a while and both are nothing special in terms of appearance. On that note, neither of these will make our floors look spectacular.

Stunning custom mosaic floral design. Artwork by Tile Club. Image source: Link

The only floor that is sure to garner a reaction from your guests, inspire you on a daily basis, and won’t require virtually any maintenance on your part is the mosaic floor. Mosaic floor has been around for thousands of years and centuries that have passed haven’t diminished the amazing beauty and captivating magic of mosaic flooring. This particular artistic expression of creating unique mosaic tile carpets is still just as astounding as it once was.

Charming pebble mosaic floor. Image source: Link
Stunning custom mosaic floor. Image source: Link

As a design solution mosaic floors are unmatched in terms of both look and practicality. You get to choose your floor from an endless array of intricate patterns and images, ensuring its uniqueness and effectiveness. Mosaic flooring is made with grout, which makes it non-slip, and the quality of each handmade tile makes it virtually indestructible.

Beautiful mosaic floor details. Floor Mosaic Artwork by Mosaics Lab.

Mosaic floors are usually either mosaic carpets (rugs) or mosaic medallions, but there are always various ways for you to add mosaic artwork to your flooring, especially if your floors are already tiled. There are also full mosaic floors that are most commonly reserved for bathrooms, kitchens, and swimming pools, but you are welcome to go full mosaic floors in any room. The choice of how much is enough is up to you.

\Gentle but effective bathroom mosaic carpet. Floor Artwork by Sicis, Image source: Link
Elegant and classic mosaic carpet. Floor Mosaic Inlay by Mosaics Lab.

When it comes to mosaic carpets the most popular designs are the same design that were popular centuries ago in ancient Greece and Rome. Designs such as the famous Greek meander are still extremely popular today and they often cover the entrance floors of stylish homes around the world. Designs featured on mosaic carpets are usually floral or geometrical with intricate repetitive details.

Simple and fabulous mosaic floor. Floor Mosaic by Sicis, Image source: Link
Gorgeous mosaic carpet gracing the entrance. Image source: Link

Mosaic medallions aren’t reserved solely for floors. They can often be seen in swimming pools, or kitchen and bathroom backsplashes. Medallions are usually “framed” with some type of ornamental mosaic border design, with the central image featuring anything from flora and fauna to mythological and abstract motifs.

Perfect detail for chic entrance floors or elegant medallion. Floor Mosaic by Mosaics Lab.
The intricacy of a mosaic medallion. Illustration source: Link

When it comes to bathroom floors, mosaic tiles truly are the way to go. They are non-porous, they don’t absorb water., they don’t stain or get discolored. You can also let your imagination run free in terms of design because the bathroom itself is almost detached from the rest of your home in terms of appearance. It is a completely different world with different sets of rules all of which you will meet by using mosaic tiles.

Stylish bathroom mosaic floor design. Image source: Link
Floral details are always popular. Floor Mosaic Design by Bisazza.

There is nothing wrong with mass-produced tile designs and catalogs full of already tested and approved mosaic floor designs. If you find your perfect mosaic carpet or medallion in one of those, more power to you. However, if you are looking to acquire a whole mosaic floor then custom mosaic designs could be exactly what you need. If you need some help brainstorming something unique and innovative, our team of professionals is always at your disposal. We have years of experience and artistry under our belt and we will create the mosaic design that will make your floors look like a masterpiece.

Elegant mosaic carpet design. Floor Mosaic Design by Mosaics Lab.
Famous Manchester Town Hall bees. Image source: Link

Have you decided what type of mosaic design you would like to grace your floors? Not yet? Feel free to book a free consultation with one of our mosaic experts or email us at Let’s create mosaic floors that will make you feel like walking on sunshine every day!

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