New Beginnings: DYI Techniques And Ideas to Refresh Your Home With Mosaic Tiles

Jan 10, 2018 by Dorian Richard

With the new year upon us some of you may feel the itch to change or upgrade their environment. Mosaics are a fun and effective option to add colors and a very personal touch so we wanted to share some ideas on how to incorporate them in various ways and, if you’re adventurous enough, to create your own.

(Tile Mosaic Artwork was provided by Mosaics Lab)

Though the internet is full of how-to articles, this youtube channel by Bonnie Fitzgerald & Kim Wozniak has good beginner videos. If you’re interested in learning about more advanced projects check out these blogs written by the talented professional mosaicists, Helen Miles.

Here are some additional tips on making your first mosaic:

Start small: If this is your first mosaic start with something simple such as a pot, vase, table top or some garden stepping stones. If you’re not satisfied with the result, just start another one until you get the knack for it.

Choosing a design: Choose something simple like an image from a coloring book or an abstract pattern that isn’t too intricate. Keep the size of the various segments of your image or pattern in mind: the smaller the areas to be filled, the smaller the necessary pieces have to be. Starting with patterns that have large segments will make it easier on you. Here are some free patterns on Pinterest to get you started.

Tracing the design on the backing: If you’re artistically inclined you can trace the design by hand, otherwise blow up the image to the desired size and use carbon paper to trace the outline.

The Materials: The most fun part of mosaics is the large variety of materials to choose from. The easiest are tiles you can cut into the desired size with tile nippers but feel free to explore with pebbles, broken plates, china, jewelry or anything that catches your eye.

The basic method can be applied to a variety of objects and surfaces. Here are some starting ideas.

(Flower pots: cheap and easy to make they can be placed anywhere indoors or outdoors for a lively accent.)
(Stepping Stones: Another easy starter project that will add fun to each step.)
(Mosaic decorations can be playful or outright elegant. These candle sconces add a classy touch and intriguing lighting effect to the room.)
(A unique frame for mirrors or photos will make them stand out.)

Once you feel more comfortable with the process and you can tackle larger indoor and outdoor projects. Though the most obvious ones are bathroom walls and kitchen backsplashes we thought we’d throw in other interesting options. But in the end you’re only limited by your imagination.

Table Tops
One of the simplest methods to add a dash of color to an otherwise bland room is a mosaic table. It’s not just a great accent but a functional one too.

(Tile Mosaic Design was provided by Mosaics Lab)

Kitchen Island Mosaic

(Here the kitchen island pattern picks up the one on the countertop in the background but it can complement or contrast it instead for a different effect.)
(Mosaics can make an item stand out integrate it with the rest of the room. In this case the mosaics conform with the more subdued color scheme of the space.)

Fireplace Ornaments

(A bright yet elegant pattern that adds life to a room that would otherwise feel cold and sterile.)
(The mismatched mosaics create a casual and playful effect.)


(Though more often seen on exterior stairs mosaics can add a wonderfully unique and fresh feel to plain interior stairs.)

Patchwork Wall

(Here too the deliberate mismatched effect used for the accent wall creates a warm and playful atmosphere.)

Hopefully some of these examples inspired you to try your own project but be forewarned, making mosaics can be addicting and one day you may just end up with something like this amazing bathroom created by Bine Braendle below. If you do, please make sure to send us a picture. In the meantime, we’d be thrilled to hear about your first projects. Gloating is permitted.

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