Pearls of Wisdom From Our Favorite Interior Design TV Shows

Interior Design tips that will elevate your design game

So I don’t know about you, but as a big fan of reality TV (oh, cut it with the silent judgment, you watch it too) and a sophisticated interior design enthusiast I enjoy watching interior design TV shows on Netflix, HGTV and other TV networks. Chances are you’ve probably watched some of the shows I will mention here, but most of them operate on a similar notion of a complete and amazing makeover of otherwise either completely ordinary or completely “meh” interiors.

One of my all-time favorites has to be the American “ Fixer Upper”, which made me fall in love with the whole concept of not throwing away but renovating instead. The fact that both Joanna and Chip are two of the nicest, hardworking people give the show extra points. Aside from this TV gem, there are few more I feel obligated to mention. British show “ The Great Interior Design Challenge” is a must-see if you like your interior decoration with a bit of a posh British accent. Some might say that this TV show is a little snobby, but 2019 is all about that boujee lifestyle (just ask Migos), so the show is on point. My next must-see-award goes to “ Nate & Jeremiah by design”. This is the most entertaining of all, I think. It is very well balanced so you end up both learning and laughing a lot. There is also the “ Million Dollar Decorators “, which is one of those addictive TV shows that makes you want everything on it, so you end up living vicariously through it.

In this article, I wanted to talk to you about some of the best advice I heard on some of these and some other interior design shows. So stick around, because I am certain a few if not all of these tips will come handy during your next indoor renovations.

1. Light Colors And Mirrors Will Make Any Room Look Bigger

If your living room is small and it tends to appear cramped, then you are probably out of your mind trying to make it look more clean-cut and spacious. Well, your troubles are over ladies and gents! TV shows say that once you paint your room in white or beige, and place an oversized mirror on one of the walls, the room will be so visually maximized, that it will look like a completely different space.

2. Slip Covers Are Actually Magical

This is one of my favorite advice. I use it in my living room, and I tend to switch it up as the seasons change. Needless to say, it works like a charm. Slipcovers have kind of a bad rap for no reason, but I remember seeing them on one of the shows, as a recommendation on how to be stylish on a low budget. They are easily removed, washable and every once in a while, you give the space a completely new look. What more would you ask for?

3. Shiplap Will Solve All of Your Troubles

Well, that subtitle isn’t entirely true. I mean, if your dog is sick, you have to take it to the vet — shiplap won’t do it for you. However, this rustic building material will take care of virtually any other interior design style issues your space might be “suffering” from. It basically looks like wide wooden boards fit together forming a flat surface. It sounds rather simple but it works miracles on walls and ceilings. With shiplap, you don’t need looking for any other wall decoration ideas.

4. The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Kitchen is to Give it a Proper Mosaic Backsplash

There is no kitchen solution as efficient as a mosaic backsplash. It will solve so many problems, including cleaning, durability and decorative effect. My personal favs are ceramic and marble tile mosaic backsplashes, because they can be practically whatever you want them to be, and they are easy to clean and long-lasting. Some people will rather go for glass kitchen mosaic backsplash, and they are cool too, although kind of too elegant for my unrefined taste. I don’t know about you, but I like to relax and pig-out in my kitchen, not drink champagne and listen to Beethoven.

5. Forget About Perfection

If you aim for perfection, you can stop right now. Even if you manage to achieve some kind of interior design perfection, you most likely won’t feel comfortable in it. People don’t actually want perfect, they want safe and cozy. This last advice is actually the most important one. Your space doesn’t have to be damn perfect to be amazing. All it has to be is — you.

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