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5 min readSep 26, 2023

Just when we thought the era of pink was slowly ending with the slow but steady fade of the Millenial fuchsia flock, Greta Gerwig decided to prove us wrong. Her 2023 Barbie masterpiece seems to have started the revival of both theaters and the color pink itself. Theaters are full of movie fans dressed in baby pink, while interiors are bursting with rosy-colored decor.

Honoring Barby and staying classy. Image source: Link

So fear not! We do understand that sudden urge to paint everything in your house pink. we feel it too! On that note, we are here to give you some tips on how to tastefully and fastidiously add some major pink vibes to your home interior.

Barbie-worthy dining room. Image source: Link


If you want to really make a statement and loudly profess your love for Margot Robbie and Mattel, then pink walls are certainly the way to go. If you want all your walls to be pink, then you should opt for a softer shade like salmon or flamingo pink. Stronger shades such as fuschia or magenta might end up visually suffocating the space if you color all your walls in them. If you do want to go for a bolder shade of pink, it is best to go for a single wall and paint the other three walls in some less conspicuous color. If that doesn’t seem as effective as you wanted, you can always place a mirror on the wall opposite the pink one to create a fifth-wall impression.

Gorgeous and practical pink wall. Image source: Link
Muted pink for multiple walls. Image source: Link


This particular trick is great if you want to make your love for the trend loud and clear, but without making any long-lasting changes to your interior. All you need is one pink carpet and some pink chairs and sofa covers. Choose different shades of color and watch the magic happen! Pink carpets and covers may sound like a bit much, but if you opt for just one or two shades of pink the effect will be fabulous. Inserting pink into your interior this way will just add to its sophistication and elegance.

Simple and lovely, pink carpet. Image source: Link
The intricate and fluffy flamingo pink carpet will fit perfectly into any living room. Image source: Link


If you’ve decided that pink furnishings and drapes are what you need, then make sure you go for lighter shades. Rose and crepe pinks will look charming for your furniture and drapes, but if you go for punch or hot pink your space will look smaller and overwhelming. Softer pink shades will create a seemingly monochromatic palette and allow you to insert some statement-making decor without the danger of going into the territory of cheesy and tacky.

Classy pink furniture. Image source: Link
Single pink drapes can make all the difference. Image source: Link


Emphasis on “mosaic”. Regular oink tiles in your kitchen and bathroom will eventually look outdated and corny. Considering the fact that tiles can be quite an investment, it is only fair for us to give you a more permanent and satisfying solution. Pink mosaic tiles will always look interesting, even if you decide that your love for Barbie has somewhat subsided. Mosaic tiles are a stylish statement in their own right, so whether they are baby or fuschia pink is of no importance. Visually stunning, durable, and maintenance-free, pink mosaic tiles are a top-notch Barbie decor.

Pink mosaic tiles for a perfect Barbie bathroom. Image source: Link
Pink mosaic tile will also work marvelously well in any kitchen. Image source: Link


This is the most play-friendly tip on our list. Just choose pink decorations and place them seemingly without any thought throughout your interior. Flamingo pink vases, coral pink table cloths, watermelon pink ashtrays and pots, rouge pink frames, and lamp abajures, the possibilities are endless. This is perfect if you don’t want to go all out with your investment. Random pops of pink will make your space look youthful and dynamic, your love for the color will be clear, and your wallet will remain dent-free.

Splashes of pink on white. Image source: Link
Pops of fuchsia pink for a boldly designed space. Image source: Link

This concludes our rosy design journey. we hope we gave you some good ideas on how you can incorporate this eternally optimistic color into your respective interiors. Now put on your pink-colored glasses and go decorate your home like a Barbie/Ken you are.

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