Tales From The Mosaic Crypt: The Old Woman

Oct 30, 2017 by Dorian Richard


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(Mosaic Artwork was provided by Mosaics Lab)

Sam was usually too busy to help others but that morning he decided he could spare a couple of minutes to help an old woman cross the street. Maybe there was something about her frail appearance that reminded him of his mother. She smiled at him as he held out his arm. “Thank you, young man. At my age my world keeps getting slower while the world around me keeps getting faster.” He nodded, wishing she’d just get walking instead of sharing her life story. She shuffled along, using his arm to steady herself. Time seemed to slow to a crawl and Sam was beginning to regret his good deed. Suddenly her grip tightened and everything came to a stop. “I’m sorry deary,” she whispered, “but your time has come.” He looked down at his arm, trying to wring it free of her iron grip. Sam never saw the blue Buick that hit him.

Moral of the Story: If the car had been as stunning as this mosaic Sam wouldn’t have missed it.

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