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4 min readAug 1, 2023

The 7th Annual Bandon Library Mosaic Show has officially ended. It lasted throughout both June and July and, during that time hundreds of mosaic lovers had the pleasure of seeing some of the most stunning modern mosaic artworks. This year’s show was a true testament to the diversity of mosaic art in terms of topics, materials, techniques, and styles.

“Paradise” by Peggy Jackson. Image source: Link

The Gallery also organized a reception/workshop. It included a mosaic-making class for visitors who were eager to learn how to mosaic by themselves. All of the materials provided were child-safe and every visitor could make their own 3”x3” mosaic perfect for a fridge magnet. It’s actions like this one, that attract more and more art connoisseurs to Bandon Library Gallery Show each year.

“Whirling Dervish” by Dee Ruff. Image source: Link
“January” by Jacqueline Iskander. Image source: Link

Curator Tracy Hodson managed to assemble a variety of mosaic artworks created by 22 mosaicists from the Pacific Northwest. These marvelous works varied in both styles and materials utilized, so all of them together offered a wider picture of the diverse nature of the mosaic art itself.

David Chidgey’s Triptych. Image source: Link
Nickie Jordan’s mosaic piece made of hand-colored mosaic glass. Image source: Link

“We are showing artists who work in Classical vein, using marble, travertine, smalti — which is glass that has been made specifically for mosaics for about 600 years, in Venice and Murano, I taly — gold, tile, and other sorts of natural specimens, “said Hodson.

Pique-assiette by the amazing Denise Sirchie. Image source: Link
Kelley Knickerbocker’s mosaic artworks were some of the first to be sold. Image source: Link

On that note, it is important to state that the gallery walls were covered and all showcases were appropriately filled with amazing mosaic artworks. Some artists have been a part of the show before, so they were here to show their loyalty once again. others were new and eager to display their considerable talent and creativity. It is also worth mentioning that most of the artworks were for sale and most of the artists accepted commissions during the show.

Carol Hoebelhenreich’s gorgeous mosaic mandala. Image source: Link
June Martin’s micromosaic jewelry. Image source: Link

This year’s show included mosaic artworks by two Bandon artists, Bessie Joyce, and Donn Klewitz. Tracy Hodson’s mosaics were also on display on the library’s Long Wall, along with Rebecca MsCormick’s stunning paintings. Eminent mosaic artist Brigitte Raison also partook in the show. Although currently living in France, she sent one of her glorious mosaic artworks for this esteemed annual event.

Donn Klewitz’s lovely mosaic fish. Image Source: Link

The 7th Annual Mosaic Show might be over and we can only hope to grace our calendars with another one next year. Whether you are a full-on mosaic buff or just a guy, gal, or a non-binary pal with a keen eye for pretty things, this terrific show is exactly what your 2024 planner needs.

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