The Magic of Mosaics: How Mosaics Transform Interior Spaces

Oct 11, 2017 by Dorian Richard

It‘s no surprise that mosaics are a growing trend in contemporary Interior design as they have the ability to transform a space in very unique and distinctive ways. Like paintings, they tell a story and evoke emotions but they can be used in a more versatile fashion. You probably wouldn’t walk on your painting, use it as a tabletop or put it in your shower, if you do, please stop!

Materials like marble, stone, and glass are naturally resistant to water and various weather conditions which allows for indoors as well as outdoor use. So let’s step inside first and take a look at some of the indoor options.


An ideal space to share your mosaic art not only with your family but also your guests. A mosaic accent piece will enhance the feel of the room and create a dramatic focal and potentially discussion point.

Imagine a plain wall behind the same furnishing and the entire space would be devoid of feeling.

Though placing the mosaic over a couch is an obvious choice you may also consider displaying it on a wall where you can admire it while relaxing with a glass of wine like over a fireplace for example.

For a bold statement, consider a full wall mosaic. This option is best for monochromatic living rooms with little furnishing. A feature wall within a minimalistic space will make the entire place pop.


Here the mosaic can add romance and a relaxing focal point. Hang it over your bed and you’ll feel like the mosaic is watching over you. Place it across the bed and the mosaic will be the last thing you see before calling it a night (except your beloved partner of course) and the first thing to greet you in the morning (though our mosaics do not serve coffee — yet)

As bedrooms tend to be smaller and more challenging to decorate without adding clutter a full wall mosaic can be an effective way to add a big splash while saving space.


Here mosaics work well as a fanciful backsplash or to spruce up a kitchen island. We can’t get enough of kitchen mosaics.


Bathrooms offer the most options: floors, shower walls, bathtub surrounds, accents and just like bedrooms full feature walls that will add pizzazz to a small, more functional space. How about taking a shower with… dolphins or admire a Parisian landscape while soaking in the tub?

Aqua blue is a popular option but it’s more important for the colors to match your mood and your existing color scheme. For more on colors see our previous blog post.

Come back next week when we explore options to transform and bring magic to your exterior spaces. Meanwhile feel free to leave a comment down below. We always love hearing your thoughts and suggestions.

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