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Our homes and work spaces are constantly undergoing some interior changes. As our sense of style changes, molded by what’s momentarily popular and comfortable, so do our respective spaces. Needless to say, our homes usually look like they are in between two or three styles most of the time. There is also the fact that we don’t remodel and transform our rooms every year so the overall look of in-betweenness ends up sticking around for quite a while, and that is why it has earned its own title — the transitional interior design style.

Elegant and comfy transitional-style living room. Image source: Link

Now that we are aware of how this particular design ended up spreading around, the title of this article might sound like…reaching. I mean, what’s so special about not having the skill, time, or finances to choose a proper style? Well, not much indeed. However, if you make that “lack” look like a compact style in its own right, then that most certainly is something special.

Cozy transitional-style sitting area. John McClain. Image source: Link


Considering the fact that the transitional style itself is a chic mixture of traditional and trendy, it comes as no surprise that its key shades are exactly that as well. On that note, the transitional style mostly relies on neutral, earthy tones. So think, beiges, tans, and off-whites paired with browns and deep greens. Basically, just think of the colors that are calming and relaxing to your eyes, because that’s exactly what transitional style is at its core.

An elegant mixture of soft colors in a transitionally designed living room. Image source: Link
Small transitional living room with a variety of soft shades. Design by Decorilla designer, Lori D. Image source: Link


Well… That’s a valid question up there. Keeping in mind that transitional design style is a mixture of other styles, does it really have its own furniture? Yes and no. See, the transitional design furnishings are a mixture of two completely different styles. This basically means that the furniture looks like it was once a traditional era item, but it got a makeover so it appears as something sleeker and more contemporary. even if your budget doesn’t allow you to buy new furniture, a simple mix of old and new in similar shades will do the trick.

Transitional style furniture — an amalgam of old and new. Image source: Link
Traditional and contemporary furniture will also serve to achieve the transitional style vibe. Design by Laura U. Image source: Link


Lighting is one of the most important things when you are trying to establish a transitional style in your home. Contemporary fixtures, often characterized by “in-your-face” design, are what make the transitional style look sophisticated, but not shy. Needless to say, the style should be the transition between the two as well. So once the soft colors and sleek/sturdy lines are mixed with notable lighting — voila! The transitional style is here!

Prominent lighting fixtures are the way to go. Image source: Link
Small transitional-style sitting area with lighting fixtures galore! Design by Decorilla. Image source: Link


Metallic elements are quite important in every space. Regardless of the finish you opt for, metal will always give the room a certain degree of upgrade. Metallic accents will always look luxurious and elegant. if you go for rose gold and copper finishes, you will give your transitional space the effect of softness and warmth. If you chose silver, chrome, and platinum details, your room will get a sense of lightness and clarity throughout.

Metallic accents done right. Donna Hoffman. Image source: Link
Brass metallic accents give the room some additional warmth. Image source: Link


This could really be anything from a carved wooden coffee table you took from your grandma’s attic to a large-scale black-and-white picture in a brass frame. Any striking piece that looks like a true representation of a past era will do. To accentuate that particular feature you can also add a coat of wax or repaint the piece to make it more prominent.

This restored mahogany table will work perfectly as a traditional accent piece in any room. Photo by Dan Cutrona / Photo courtesy of Paul Corrie Interiors. Image source: Link
A huge traditional-era mirror will also do the trick. Image source: Link

If you are an admirer of both old and new, and if you feel comfortable eating cookies in your grandma’s knitting room and watching anime in your friend’s La Corbusier furnished living room, then transitional style is perfect for you.

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